Saturday, October 23, 2010

Noro Taiyo quant

I found this pattern in the magazine 'Spin Off' which has uncomplicated projects. I couldn't wait to try a new shipment of Taiyo yarns and this was the result. I loved this pattern so much I made another one in a different shade and gave them both away to girlfriends.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby rug with shell pattern

Soft and fluffy, a dream to crochet or knit with the beautiful organic Treliske 3ply yarn.

The photo shows a baby shawl which I started in July. It is an easy two row pattern that I had saved from a very old knitters magazine comprising shells. It was to be for a baby coming very very soon (early November) but I think I will have to add it to my sampler stash now as I won't get it finished in time. Oh well! It's dreamy to crochet so I'm having fun!

Careful this pattern is addictive!

Wow! Can't believe it's been so long since I blogged on this site! Now I am hooked on Ravelry and put up all my projects, yarns I am knitting or crocheting samples from. Just love it.
This sample Noro square is my first 'addictive' square of the Blythe afghan created by Jane Ellison from Noro yarns. The book is called 'Noro Family' by Jane Ellison which I now stock.
I first saw this afghan whilst visiting friends in Melbourne in winter. A shop owner had two full size afghans on display knitted in Noro yarns. She said 'Be careful, this pattern is addictive'. I couldn't wait to get home to start knitting it!
Two variegated yarns knitted in stripes, and it's not until you finish the 40cm square and block it that the true Noro beauty is revealed. You just don't know where the colours will take you and the great thing is that using the two yarns will give you different combinations each time!
Essentially I want to knit the afghan with Noro Taiyo and Noro Silk Garden yarns but I am going to add some SWTC Karaoke variegated to the mix and some gorgeous hand spun yarn given to me by my friend and knitter Sue. It will be a Knit-along project that I will do in between other projects.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Amerah silk top with Maldive lace trim

Amerah 100% silk tape has the classic feel of raw silk and the random dye process of muted colours that mix and match with other South West Trading Company yarns, makes this yarn very versatile to knit. Achieve a classic look for smart casual wear or to team with your favourite jeans. Amerah is just as comfortable on a hot summer's day in a sleeveless top as this 3/4 sleeved shell for between season wear.

Knitted by Sue, the classic V-neck shell used 8x 50g balls. Classified as a 10ply Aran yarn this will easily knit to an 8ply pattern- check tension first. Note the 'lace' ruffle effect with Lana Gatto's Maldive for a dressed up trim effect.
South West Trading Company's Amerah 100% raw silk tape
50g/83m, 10ply worsted

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Knitting samples - Prestige cashmere ssleeve top

Note the flattering lace rib deep basque and sleeve trim on this luxurious cashmere classic top. Team with your favourite evening skirt or jeans, long leather boots and tie the look together with a feature belt - this top is open to the look you want to create. Meanwhile, the 100% cashmere is like soft clouds to wear. Go on, treat yourself!

Pattern is from Creative Knitting magazine Issue 18, Summer 2007. I have added knitting elastic to the neckline for a firmer hold and a crabstitch trim to neck, base and sleeve edgings.
Knitters notes:
Prestige 100% cashmere
25g/75m (this garment took 8 balls)
Tension: 26sts/32 rows on 6mm needles (used 4mm needles for above pattern)

Knitting samples - Mohair Royal Short row cape

A stylish cape sculpted 'in the round' created by short row shaping. The detail is in the flounce lace collar and fluted edgings. A very feminine cape, just perfect to show off a dramatic brooch. The art of wearing this cape is in the draping! Or simply wear as is, it will drape naturally! It looks great all ways and feels very feminine.

Pictured here in black mohair, it is ideal knitted in Mohair Royal, try beading as you go for an extra feminine touch.

Knitting samples - Mohair Royal and Fur Real stole

A generously long stole knitted with
South West Trading Company's silky 'Fur Real' and
Lana Gatto's 'Mohair Royal'. A very simple long rectangle
striped as you like it. Experiment with needle sizes, even two
different sizes, the end result will be sure to please.

This is an accent stole, long and dramatic! Not at each end for accent detail, or, add feature beads for tassles.

Knitters details:
SWTCH Fur Real Colour- Bear Cub
58% nylon, 305 rayon, 12% acrylic
80 yds/50grm

Mohair Royal
80% Kid mohair/20% nylon
25g/215m Tension: 2mm needles 41sts/47rows