Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finally I have decided to create my own blog and join the world of communicators through this wonderfull instant medium. It'll be a bit amateur to begin with, but time is a great developer.

I am a serious knitter, creating beautiful knits from exotic and quality yarns. I sell the yarns online. My website is being rebuilt present preparing for Winter 2007, but I fully intend to have it up and going soon so that everyone can enjoy again this winter.

I have two wonderful knitters Sue and Chris who knit for me and together we knit up and experiment with the latest yarns and patterns. I also make original garments for sale. At least once or twice a year I hold a fashion parade to inspire knitters and to showcase beautiful yarns that we have in stock. In previous years I have helped raise funds by staging fashion parades for Hastings Cancer Trust, Port Macquarie NSW; various church guilds, Comboyne Community Centre, Comboyne NSW; Friends of Strathearn Village, Scone NSW. So far, these parades have raised $16,500 for local charities with entry ticket sales, afternoon tea sales, proceeds from raffle prize donated by myself and a percentage of my yarn sales. What started out as a launch for my website has become a fundamental part of my business.

I have one parade planned at this stage, in Scone NSW for Friends of Strathearn Village, our wonderful all encompassing aged care facility in my town. It will be held early June '07.

How many times have you seen a yarn in a shop or online and wondered what it would knit up like? My fashion parades and samples provide the answer to this query. Sometimes we are surprised ourselves, and it wouldn't be the first time that we have had to pull a garment undone because it simply doesn't work. After three years now, I think I have an idea of what works, but then a new yarn comes along, or a new technique and the challenge begins again.

And now to get some samples into a slideshow!!!!!
Happy Knitting

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